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M. Murataliev. Epoch of Scythians and Epos “Manas”


On existence of epoch of Scythians we know. Encyclopedia The Hutchinson writes: “The Scythians, area northward from Black sea between Carpathian mountains and Don river, inhabited by Scythians in 12-1 BC[1] ”. However who is such Scythians? Existed under this name some folks or tribes? Lev Gumilev writes that “Scythians – a Greek heel name different tribe groups in Black sea[2] . “The Father of history” Gerodot /Ἡρόδοτος / names there: these are Savromaths, Bydins, Fiscagets, Nevrics, Ehgipehs[3] ”. However he names their “Scythians”. Following Gerodot have named these five groups tribes “Scythians” Gippokrat, Strabon, Lukian, Soliyskiy, Aristotel too. Besides famous “Greeks” named their “sckit” or “skythian[4] ”. Читать далее M. Murataliev. Epoch of Scythians and Epos “Manas”