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Musa Murataliev


Looking down the street, I saw Hunchback from the eighth floor. He began walking to the stadium, but stopped suddenly. Then he began walking left to the side of the church, but after taking a few steps, stopped again. After coming out in the street, I found him standing in the same place. Once I came up to him, he said:
— I need sausage.
— How much?
— One ring.
He was standing, with a string-bag in his right hand and his hands behind his bent back. His back was bent since he was born. Bent-back became his name. That’s why in house No.8 on Eleventh Street, the people called him Hunchback.
— What kind of sausage do you need? I asked.
— I do not know about sausage, he said.
— You aren’t playing the fool, are you?
— I need a good one…
— Any sausage is good when you’re hungry.
-… so she would like it.
— And which one do you like?
— Liverka!- he replied happily. — I don’t know a thing about the other ones! Читать далее Liverka

Акбар Мураталиев. Судьба (рассказ)


(посвящается Ивану Долвичу, геройски погибшему при штурме резиденции компании DFK)

Вновь и вновь я вижу сон –

Кровью залит горизонт,

И земля в огне давно горит

Шесть минут до часа Икс

Небо скоро рухнет вниз

Ветер все развеет, словно пыль

Ария «Дух войны»

Читать далее Акбар Мураталиев. Судьба (рассказ)

Musa Murataliev. The Lucky Hunter

Once there lived a lone young gerfalcon, unknown to any; he was still very young.

КречетHis mother had only just pushed him out of the nest sending him off on his first flight; but as soon as he had reached the branch of a pine near-by he felt himself completely strange to the whole world above and around him. Meanwhile the hen falcon was trying to eject her second fledgling, but this one re-sisted stubbornly. The father ruffled his feathers, sitting on the woven twigs at the edge of the nest, stern but indifferent. The young bird could see and hear the struggle going on between his mother and brother. He wanted to go home to the nest but held back, ruffling like his father. Because anyway the hen bird would not let him near, she would fly out and drive him further away.